Altar Boyz

“I believe… that I came to know you for a reason!”
Altar Boyz
“Jonny Fines gets the real laughs as Mark, an Altar Boy hiding a secret. Fines gets increasingly camp and animated with every passing minute and brings the house down with his solo number towards the end of proceedings, which shows off his fantastic vocal range and comedy timing.”
Lee Gunther, Entertainment Focus
Altar Boyz Promo

In the United States, the musical comedy Altar Boyz ran for five years Off-Broadway. Four years later, London was lucky enough to play host when the show came to the UK in 2014.

Jonny brought to life a stunning portrayal of the complex character Mark in the UK Premiere of Altar Boyz at the Greenwich Theatre, London.

“There is a stand out performance from Jonny Fines as Mark. His incredible voice, natural humour, movement and facial expressions conveying his unrequited love for Matthew, were highlights throughout. His “Epiphany” number, which was set up to be an over-the-top confession song about being gay, but quickly turned into the story of how he’d seen the light, professing “I’m catholic”, was predictable but incredibly funny thanks to Fines’ brilliant comic timing.”
Laura Chatburn, Everything Theatre

Starring alongside Jonny, playing Matthew, the leader of the group, was Liam Doyle. The two actors had actually already performed together before in Carnival of the Animals just a few miles further up the River Thames the previous year.

“Of the five cast members I felt that Jonny Fines shone, demonstrating a most adept ability to portray the various dimensions of Mark in an often hilarious manner. Whether through body language, mannerisms, or facial expressions, Fines was always “in-character”, even when in the background, and brought out the unrequited puppy-dog love that Mark has for Matthew in a manner that avoided the obvious potential for blunt slapstick means. For this it is a performance worthy of praise. Fines’ voice also suited the boy-band feel remarkably well. At times – particularly during the song Epiphany – it was easy to compare his voice to the wonderful vocal sound of the late Stephen Gately, from Boyzone.”
Brett Considine, TheatreAndMore
Liam Doyle, Jonny Fines, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Faisal Khodabukus and Alex Jordan-Mills in the spoof-video Five Rules to Make A Successful Christian Boy Band ahead of the UK Premiere of Altar Boyz
“A special mention to Jonny Fines, whose comic timing really stole the show and kept us fully entertained in this ninety minute one act Musical.”
Martyn Peattie,
A short documentary piece about the rehearsal process for the UK Premiere of Altar Boyz featuring Liam Doyle, Jonny Fines, Jamie-Ray Hartshorne, Faisal Khodabukus, Alex Jordan-Mills, choreographer Ewan Jones and director Steven Dexter
“The performances are all absolutely knock-out too, all five of the Boyz – Liam Doyle (Matthew), Jonny Fines (Mark), Jamie-Ray Hartshorne (Luke), Alex Jordan-Mills (Abraham) and Faisal Khodabukus) (Juan) – are genuine triple threats, Fines in particular made the most of a gift of a part and was glorious to watch.”
Luke Clow, WhatsOnStage